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All Cat Clinic, P.C. in Springfield, IL

Dr. Nelson and her trained staff understand cats. We pride ourselves with our exclusive cat medical training. We observe all aspects of cat behavior in order to best treat your cat's needs.

We treat all cats from friendly to frightened. We understand cats are afraid of being away from home. Our goal is to treat every cat accurately and efficiently as possible to return them to the comforts of your home.
Group of Cats — Cat Care in Springfield, IL
Dr. Nelson has been a veterinarian since 1989. She has been working with cats exclusively since 2002. She takes pride in diagnosing and treating cats in a timely and compassionate manner. She happily educates cat owners on their illnesses and diseases while promoting cat wellness. Her years of experience and training make her highly qualified to treat your cat's needs. She treats your cat like her own. Call us today to schedule your appointment!
Dr. Nelson — Cat Care in Springfield, IL