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Stories of Success

Furbul Friedrichs, an eleven year old spayed female longhaired cat, presented on 1-16-12. She had significant hair loss, itching, and red irritated skin for over eighteen months. Furbul was completely covered in scabs from head to tail. Her skin was very red and itchy and she had a thin hair coat. She was so painful that the slightest touch could not be tolerated. Her eyes were red and her ears were scabby. Furbul received a complete physical. After some diagnostic tests were completed a therapeutic plan was implemented. Since Furbul had been in this condition for a long time it will take weeks to recover. Furbul returned 2-3-12 for follow up and an adjustment to her long-term therapy plan was made. By her check up on 2-24-12 Furbul was beginning to feel better and improvements to her coat were easily noted. Further adjustments were made and by 3-30-12 Furbul was much better. She is now on a maintenance plan for her skin. She and her owners are much happier.
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